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Executive Master in Marketing and Sales (EMMS)



Having worked internationally across industries in various positions in the Marketing and Product Management Field I had the opportunity to understand how corporates but also small family owned businesses function and I could not only develop a strong expertise but also learn to deal with people from different cultural backgrounds.


I am a people person. I love to interact, communicate and create something with people. From my childhood on, I have a strong feeling for the energy and vibes between individuals, which I developed when my parents hosted many international guests and clients at our house, whom I observed, interacted with and from whom I got to learn different cultural behaviors at an early age. Today this lets me comfortably and openly approach, assess and respond to people in different business environments. Paired with my fast 360° thinking mind, my effective planning, analytical and organizational skills I became an excellent translator and intermediary between creative and analytical teams.



One of my strengths is to develop concepts, drive and implement projects. My studies of law at the University of Zurich, where I learned to think and work in a structured, analytical and solution-oriented way, established the basis for this. Later on, working in the field of Marketing and Product Management, I led international projects like for example the development of the merchandising collection for the launch of the smart car in the American market. In order to create a suitable and successful collection I analyzed the existing merchandising collections of American car distributors, organized the go-to-market strategy of the Daimler group and reflected on how to satisfy the needs of the American consumers with the brand promise of smart. I interacted and coordinated closely with the executive management team and our distribution partner in the United States and created a collection, which was then launched successfully in time with the market launch of the car in America.



A distinct trait of my personality is my motivation to learn and explore new things. When I was engaged as a Product Management Intern at Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH in Stuttgart, I attended for a period of 9 months a course in textile knowledge at the Swiss Textile School in St. Gallen during the weekends to gain more in-depth knowledge for my practical work. Later, as Head of Marketing and Product Management at Schlossberg Textiles Ltd., I developed and introduced of my own accord a trade marketing concept for our key accounts and retailers and completed my on the job learned marketing and business skills with an international Executive Master in Marketing & Sales at SDA Bocconi in Milan and ESADE Business School in Barcelona. 

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