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I mind your #business.

I am concerned that it does well and that its needs are listened to. It is important to me that everyone is clear about what it stands for and what it does. That its deeper meaning is seen and lived. I am, so to speak, the advocate of your company. 👩🏼‍⚖️😊

Why am I so committed to this? Because I want you and your company to be aligned. I want the two of you to get on really well together. Because as you know, only united we stand and success will follow. 👥🎉

Your company is a mirror of yourself. And sometimes we forget to look into that mirror. Or we don't want to look in that mirror. Because we would like to see something different in that mirror than what we actually are. And yet, it's only about recognising how unique and how much the same you and your reflection are.🪞

I give your company a voice. And thereby make it visible. For you in your mirror and outwardly for everyone else. 🦚🌟

Yours truly, Julie. 💕

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