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Business follows #personality

The answer is no. 🙅🏼‍♀️

No need to look so puzzled, I already know what you wanted to ask. And I'm telling you: it's not possible. Not if you want to be successful. 🫡

You cannot separate your person, your nature from your company. Your personality, your understanding of values, your way of doing things will always be reflected in the nature of your company. And not the other way round. What would your company be without you? It wouldn't even exist, it wouldn't have been founded. 💡

If you are a reserved, conformist person, then it is not credible if your company appears loud and rebellious. Customers notice that there is a divergence. The competition is too big today. And contradictory signals are not understood by the counterpart, we already know that. 🤥

The better you know yourself and recognise and express all facets of your personality, the easier it will be to define the brand of your company, give it an authentic face and convince your customers. Keep that in mind. 😉

Yours truly, Julie. 💕

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